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Cannabis Cultivation Conference

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12:00 PM – 01:20 PM
Dealing With Insect and Mite Pests … Biologically

Learn the fundamentals of biological control and provide information on the biological control agents (natural enemies) commercially available including parasitoids and predators for the various insect and mite pests of cannabis. Also, gain insights on the environmental and plant-related factors that can impact the performance of both parasitoids and predators in regulating insect and mite pest populations.

12:00 PM – 01:20 PM
Ensuring Downstream Compliance

Compliance is one of the most challenging aspects of running a cannabis business. But in addition to on-site regulation compliance, there is also a dire need to ensure that you have the proper processes and agreements in place to protect you and your business throughout your supply chain. For example, do you have the necessary contracts and paperwork to protect you in light of a liability suit from a dispensary? What agreements should you have with the processors with whom you work? What other documentation is necessary for your business, and what will hold up to legal scrutiny and what will not? Find out in this detailed session that will help you gain insights you need for downstream compliance.

01:30 PM – 03:00 PM
The Golden (State) Rules: A Q&A With Leading California Cannabis Lawyers and Experts

If you have questions, they have answers! Leading California lawyers and experts will share their insights in to the ever-changing state and regional regulatory cannabis landscape and what you need to know to prepare for succeeding in the largest cannabis market in the country. In a workshop-type setting, you will be able to ask questions of these legal and regulatory experts to get the answers to your specific questions. Plus, learn from other attendees’ questions as they prepare their businesses for entering the legal, regulatory and business landscape in The Golden State.

01:30 PM – 03:00 PM
A Guide to Long-Term Financial Success

Are you basing financial decisions off of the right (or any) data from your business? What inputs should you be looking at? Are your profit margins (if you have even established them) what they should be? Are you setting yourself up for short-term success, but long-term failure? What financial adjustments do you need to make to ensure long-term financial success for your business? Learn the answers to these essential questions in this in-depth session that will end with an opportunity to ask the speakers your questions about financial planning and strength.

03:00 PM – 03:20 PM
Refreshment Break
03:20 PM – 04:20 PM
Outdoor Cultivation

Outdoor cultivation has its own unique set of challenges. Between unpredictable weather, seasonal changes and an unprotected environment from the elements and pests, ensuring optimum growing conditions for outdoor crops is often difficult. Learn from two experienced outdoor growers, with crops of very different sizes, their best strategies for dealing with the many challenges, and maximizing yield and quality. Plus, end the session with a brief discussion about protecting your rights to grow outdoors, and an audience Q&A with the panelists!

03:20 PM – 04:20 PM
Optimizing Nutrients in Commercial Grows

Nutrient imbalances are one of the most common limiting factors in commercial cannabis production, both in relation to yield and quality. This seminar will cover a discussion of organic vs mineral-based nutrients, appropriate quantities and ratios of essential minerals, and some of the common and potentially catastrophic misunderstandings and pitfalls associated with using and combining marijuana nutrients and additives.

04:30 PM – 06:00 PM
Environmental Sustainability and the Cannabis Industry

The environmental impact of the cannabis industry has already generated significant attention and questions. In this session, those leading the march toward improving environmental sustainability of the industry will share the latest emerging legal and regulatory trends that are sure to impact your business and its practices, current and forthcoming standards, as well as strategies for improving your environmental footprint.

04:30 PM – 06:00 PM
Expanding Your Business/Brand: Interstate Expansion

When it comes to legalized cannabis, every state has its own set of requirements and regulations. This reality turns expanding your business to a new market into a test of adapting your business model to a new legislative framework. In this session, David Bonvillain offers tips on how cannabis businesses can navigate these issues and find success with out-of-state expansion.

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Welcome/Opening Remarks
10:10 AM – 11:00 AM
Keynote Session: What I Learned from My First Year as a Large-Scale Cultivator

Longtime cultivator Scott Reach, one of the most respected names in cannabis breeding and cultivation, will present his unique viewpoint as a grower who built a state-of-the art cultivation operation. Reach has been hands-on with every aspect of his new facility, from design and construction to daily operations and maintenance. “Growing is one piece of the puzzle,” says Reach, “and they must all fit for the picture to be complete.” Reach’s tale of a grower’s path to large-scale cultivation will provide attendees with a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make a cultivation dream a reality, pitfalls that can await you at every turn, lessons learned and unexpected challenges that have faced him along the way. Learn, laugh, leave with a whole new perspective on a launching a larger cultivation operation.

11:15 AM – 12:15 PM
Keynote Panel: Breeding Cannabis Varieties

This don’t-miss session for every cultivator, led by some of the top breeding experts in the world, will share advice on the most important aspects of breeding new cultivars, including breeding for indoor strains vs. outdoor strains, important traits to breed for, an update on the status of genetic fingerprinting on cannabis strains and strain classification by chemotyping, as well as guidance on the decision about whether to patent or not to patent your genetics.

12:15 PM – 01:30 PM
Networking Lunch in Exhibit Hall
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12:40 PM – 01:25 PM
Technology and Solutions Session: Lighting Considerations for Cultivating Cannabis in a Vertical Space

Sponsored by Illumitex. There is a surging trend for cultivators to grow in a vertical space for vegetation and flowering. One of the biggest factors for success is choosing the right lighting technology. Evaluating your lighting choices has several critical aspects to consider – light levels, canopy penetration, and distance from the canopy. This session will cover various features to consider and review lighting technologies so you can be successful in a vertical environment.

01:30 PM – 02:30 PM
Facility Design I: Indoor

Indoor cultivation facility design has more facets to it than most people can imagine--from proper layout for maximizing efficiencies to designing HVAC and irrigation/fertigation systems, room setup for maximizing yield, pest-prevention and sanitary protocols, additional non-grow space you will need, and much, much more. Get a head start on designing your indoor facility or making adjustments as you evolve and/or expand. Three speakers will share insights from various backgrounds: Andrew Lange, from one of the most high-tech cultivation operations; Casey Rivero, whose background spans large and smaller grows, and Jesce Horton, whose experience ranges from a build-as-you-go grow to a new build out.

01:30 PM – 02:30 PM
How to Achieve Product Consistency: A Genetics-Based Methodology

Agriculture and cannabis expert James Ott will expand on the genetic development component of the cultivation process. You’ll learn how genetics is the engine that pulls the entire system forward and is the base for evolving more consistency in the products the industry produces and sells to the consumers. You’ll also gain knowledge about the aspect that follows the creation of specific characteristics through genetic development/science--the production methodology that optimizes the expression of those characteristics.

01:30 PM – 02:30 PM
Learn to Master Organic Cultivation

While the cannabis industry is prohibited from labelling its products as “organic,” that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce organic cultivation practices into your business. In this session, learn about how to create and maintain living soils and how to utilize organic on-site cannabis waste management (vermicompost); discover the benefits of hügelkultur (or hill culture) and sourcing resources locally; and find out more about cover crops, companion plants and common misconceptions about these important organic practices.

02:30 PM – 03:25 PM
Networking Break in Exhibit Hall
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02:40 PM – 03:25 PM
Technology and Solutions Session: Growing Premium Cannabis: The Role of Environmental Controls

Sponsored by Quest Dehumidifiers. As cannabis becomes a commodity, growers need to distinguish themselves with premium-grade, craft-quality cannabis. And, when it comes to growing the best, environmental controls are at the epicenter of production success. Industry vet and facilities mastermind, Michael Williams, will lead a 5-step master-class presentation to help growers create an indoor environment to help you produce the best buds.

03:30 PM – 04:30 PM
Facility Design II: Greenhouses

Attend this session to learn from two experienced greenhouse developers the most important considerations in greenhouse facility design. Rich Kwesell of Strawberry Fields will address not only facility design, but also lessons learned from scaling up/expanding on and further developing his now-90,000-square-foot facility over time. Expert Nadia Sabeh, aka Dr. Greenhouse, will share her insights from 20 years of experience as an agricultural and mechanical engineer, where she designed climate management systems (HVAC) for indoor and greenhouse facilities for cannabis production, among others. Leave this session armed with lessons learned and a plan for building or developing your greenhouse.

03:30 PM – 04:30 PM
New Research Results: Understanding, Modulating and Optimizing Drying and Curing

Prized French wines are aged for years in oak barrels, as are famous whiskies. Tobacco is air-, fire-, flue- or sun-cured. Cannabis, however, is quickly dried and stored in a plastic bucket. Although many cannabis growers have proprietary ways of making flower flavorful and aromatic, little to no research is available for consistency. Anecdotal examples show that chemical makeup is not only dictated by the strain/cultivar, but also influenced by grow methods, drying and curing. The lack of data prompted us to research what is happening during these processes. In this session, we will present our research at OutCo of how to affect and control the chemical makeup of flower; new protocols to monitor the dry and cure of cannabis flowers so we are able to modulate the terpene and cannabinoid profiles in our strain offering; and our latest findings in this exciting field of post-harvest cannabis research.

03:30 PM – 04:30 PM
Coming in From the Cold: Taking a Legal, Gray or Black Market Business to the Next Level

Prepare yourself with detailed insights from experienced cultivators who have stepped up their business to operate on a higher level, from communicating with regulators and city officials, business plans, scaling up cultivation, financial projections, testing regulations, liability and more.

04:30 PM – 06:30 PM
Networking/Cocktail Reception in Exhibit Hall
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Continental Breakfast in Exhibit Hall
10:00 AM – 10:45 AM
Compliance and Inspector Preparedness

Be prepared for an inspection by following a Quality Systems approach for your: Facility and Equipment, Materials and Production Controls, Packaging and Labeling, Laboratory Controls, Security and Transport. Learn from one of the foremost experts on quality control, Standard Operating Procedures and compliance in the highly regulated Connecticut medical market.

10:00 AM – 10:45 AM
A Safer, More Efficient Grow Operation

Attend this rapid-fire tips session to learn dozens of little-known tips and tricks to make things run more efficiently or safely in your operation. Some tips are incredibly simple, such as an easy way to keep the hose from getting caught around table legs, and some are more complex, such as how to avoid the need for adding algaecides to sump wells or how you can use an environmental control system to “dial in” a daily light integral across weather patterns and seasons. Regardless of the size or scope of your operation, you’ll walk away with ideas you can implement immediately for a smarter, safer grow.

10:00 AM – 10:45 AM
Cannabis Extraction Research Results

The traditional approach to medical research of a single compound for a single target does not work for cannabis, as its medical benefits lie in the “entourage effect”. Likely more than just THC and CBD are participating in any medical effects, be it any of the other >100 known cannabinoids, >200 terpenes and terpenoids or flavonoids (footnote 1). Therefore, the cannabis field had adopted a strain/cultivar approach to judge effects for the patient. Researchers have found that not the plant morphology, but the cannabis product’s chemical makeup (footnote 2) will be the underlying cause of any physiological effect (footnotes 3, 4). Furthermore, such chemical makeups are not only dictated by the strain/cultivar, but also influenced grow methods, drying and curing, and, of course, the extraction method.

The speakers have conducted and will share the results of their latest research that has enabled them to improve upon their process optimization for supercritical CO2 extraction (SFE) protocols to target not only highest yields and efficiencies, but customized cannabis concentrates that are needed in the variety of medical marijuana products. A combination of SFE, pre- and post-processing and production methods are used to formulate precise medical marijuana products.

(1) Ben-Shabat, et al.; Eur J Pharmacol. 1998 23–31
(2) Mechoulam, et al.; Nat Prod Rep. 1999 131–143
(3) Hazekamp, A., et al.; Cannabis and Cannabionid Research, 2016 1.1 202-215
(4) Fichedick, J; Cannabis and Cannabionid Research, 2017 2.1 34-47

10:45 AM – 11:45 AM
Networking Break in Exhibit Hall
11:50 AM – 12:30 PM
The Rise of the Operations Manager

Cultivation errors are management errors, and large growers all over the country are realizing that if they are going to compete, they have to run a tight cultivation ship. This is the crux of the changing the role of the head grower from a strictly-plants person to a process and logistics manager. In this session, learn effective strategies for how to adapt to this new role to maximize your effectiveness as the head grower-turned-operations manager.

11:50 AM – 12:30 PM
What Retailers Want From Cultivators

As existing U.S. cannabis markets mature, and new ones come online, the volume of flower and subsequent cannabis products being produced is expanding exponentially, creating a hyper-competitive market resulting in fewer opportunities to get your products on dispensary shelves. Producers in Oregon and Washington are already dealing with marijuana gluts and are having to slash wholesale prices to stay competitive. Knowing what retailers are looking for is one way to improve your chances of unloading your entire stock each harvest. In this session, led by cannabis retail veterans, you will learn tricks and tips on how to get your products into dispensaries, and how to form strong relationships with retailers and avoid common pitfalls that will turn them off.

11:50 AM – 12:30 PM
Testing: Preparing for Stringent Testing Rules

Cultivators, especially in California, are going to be facing some very stringent testing rules beginning in 2018. In this session, you will learn what the testing rules will be, how you can be prepared for them, and how you can plan ahead to manage testing costs and minimize test failures.

12:30 PM – 02:00 PM
Networking Lunch in Exhibit Hall
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01:10 PM – 01:55 PM
Technology and Solutions Session: Resource Efficiency, Operational Resiliency, & the $500 pound

As legalization drives commodification of cannabis, wholesale values continue to decline - perhaps faster than most thought. Cultivators are simply not enjoying the same margins in days past, and all signs point to margin pressure getting even tighter. In an effort to identify the most resource efficient technologies to improve operational resiliency, the use of tubular daylighting devices to drive plant growth an indoor environment was examined, the result being "Cold Sunlight". Join Dr. Jonathan Cachat, PhD - SunGrown Zero - for an overview of the research and development process, early indications, and implications for the industry. SunGrown Zero is a hybrid-lighting facility design & technology suite that represents significant advancements in sustainable and efficient indoor agriculture.

02:00 PM
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02:00 PM – 03:00 PM
Quest for the Golden Fiber

“Quest for the Golden Fiber” documents Rob Clarke’s travels in Anatolian Turkey in search of vintage hemp textiles and the women who wove them. Come with us to visit the last remaining hemp farmers, follow their hemp fiber and seed crop cycles, and watch them make traditional hemp rope. After the Bay Area premiere showing, Rob will entertain questions from the audience about traditional hemp cultivation and other topics of mutual interest.

02:00 PM – 03:00 PM
Extraction: Lab Design and Workflow

No matter your method for producing extracted cannabis products—it’s imperative to consider items like equipment placement, ease of transport, data entry, safety measures and more—as you develop the blueprint of your lab. Here, learn from cultivators with successful extraction labs using both Supercritical CO2 and Butane/Hydrocarbon methods to gather your list of do’s and don’ts for an efficient and smooth-running lab set-up.

03:00 PM
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