Meet our professionals:

Leif Abel

Greatland Ganja

Leif Abel co-founded Greatland Ganja, LLC, Alaska’s second licensed marijuana establishment. Abel and his family operate Greatland Ganja on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula where they cultivate 40 cannabis strains, sun-grown using organic methods and ingredients, and grown hydroponically indoors. As Executive Director of the Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Legislation and founding board member for the Alaska Marijuana Industry Association, he has been a cannabis advocate in Alaska. After passage of Ballot Measure 2, he was appointed to the Kenai Peninsula Borough Marijuana Task Force by the Mayor, where he served out his term as chairman. Abel is a licensed medical grower and a second-generation cannabis cultivator.

Hezekiah Allen

Executive Director
California Growers Association

Hezekiah Allen is the Executive Director of the California Growers Association.Through lobbying and public affairs programs, Allen works to protect the interests of a broad statewide membership made of several hundred growers and business owners. As a senior subject matter specialist and one of the most knowledgeable advocates supporting the transition from California’s non-profit and medical marijuana programs to a for-profit full recreational program, Allen acts as a liaison and voice for the existing, and vast, California cultivation community.

Julyn Andrews

Technical Operations
Lunchbox Alchemy

Julyn Andrews' love for cannabis is shown in his versatile knowledge of molecular science and the inner-workings of the cannabis industry. As a third-generation grower with 12 years personal experience in cannabis cultivation led Andrews to specialize as a cultivation consultant. Taking it to the next level, Julyn learned the art of extraction and has been crafting extraction equipment and making top-shelf extracts and hash for the past eight years. He led the extraction team in the Lunchbox Alchemy lab, before heading to Portland to assist in the development of CO2 Sister lab. Back in Bend as the Technical Manager, Julyn is working through ISO:9001 accreditation and advances Lunchbox Alchemy's extraction team.

Kurt Badertscher

Otoké Horticulture

Kurt Badertscher is co-owner, with his wife Kerrie, of Otoké Horticulture LLC (, and authors of “Cannabis for Capitalists.” They have worked with large-scale cannabis producers for more than 5 years. Badertscher brings his 34 years of corporate experience and operations management skills to bear on the business challenges of cannabis cultivation. The Badertschers co-author a column, “Hort How-To,” for Cannabis Business Times magazine.

Habib Bentaleb

Harris Bricken San Francisco

Habib Bentaleb is an attorney in Harris Bricken’s San Francisco office. His practice centers on advising cannabis businesses on regulatory compliance, entity structuring, acquisitions, and licensing. Habib is also a contributor to Harris Bricken’s highly acclaimed Canna Law Blog. He is a member of the National Cannabis Bar Association, California Cannabis Industry Association, California Bar Association, Marin County Bar Association and is a volunteer judge for Marin Youth Court.

David Bonvillain

Principal/Chief Science Officer
Elite Botanicals/Elite California

David Bonvillain owns and runs Elite Cannabis Enterprises and Elite Botanicals out of its center of operations in Loveland, Colo. The businesses include a 25-acre organic CBD farm leveraging a low/no-till permaculture methodology, a 6-acre greenhouse property and botanical-extraction laboratory that operates year-round, producing organic CBD for regional, national and international markets through Mary’s Medicinals, Mary’s Nutritionals, Mary’s Pets, IncrEdibles, and Cheeba Chews. He is a speaker, author, consultant and High Times’ Cannabis Cup winner.

Jonathan Cachat

Sungrown Zero

Dr. Jonathan Cachat is the CEO is responsible for designing, managing and optimizing SunGrown Zero’s facilities’ day-to-day operations, as well as its strategic direction and sustainability both economically and environmentally. Dr. Cachat and his team of Ph.D.’s meddled, failed and optimized DSS cultivation technology using a data-driven, consumer safety-focused approach for two years before debuting DSS SunGrown Indoor solar tube technology to the industry in October 2016.

Ariel Clark

Clark Neubert

Ariel Clark is a principal of the women-owned law firm Clark Neubert LLP. As a cannabis business attorney, she helps clients navigate the emerging state cannabis regulatory program, execute complex political strategies, obtain licenses, and set up proper business structures. Ariel founded and serves as Chairwoman of the Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force. She is a member of the National Cannabis Bar Association, California State Bar, and the Beverly Hills Bar Association.

Robert C. Clarke

BioAgronomics Group Consultants

Robert C. Clarke has devoted his entire professional career and much of his personal life to the study of the cannabis plant and human-cannabis relationships. He is the author of “Marijuana Botany” and “HASHISH!”, co-author of “Hemp Diseases and Pests” and “Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany” as well as several book chapters and numerous peer-reviewed articles, and has participated in many international conferences. He maintains a lengthy working relationship with HortaPharm BV in the Netherlands, specializing in industrial and medicinal cannabis breeding, and continues to serve as project manager for the International Hemp Association. He presently heads BioAgronomics Group Consultants, an international cannabis consultancy specializing in smoothing the transition into a wholly legal and normalized cannabis market.

Dr Raymond Cloyd

Professor/Extension Specialist
Kansas State University - Department of Entomology

Dr. Raymond A. Cloyd is State Extension Leader for Entomology, Professor and Extension Specialist in Horticultural Entomology/Plant Protection in the Department of Entomology at Kansas State University. Cloyd has a 70-percent extension and 30-percent research appointment at Kansas State University. His expertise is on pest management in greenhouses, nurseries, landscapes, turfgrass, conservatories, interiorscapes, Christmas trees, and vegetables and fruits. Raymond is the extension specialist in horticultural entomology for the state of Kansas with a major clientele that includes homeowners, master gardeners, and professional and commercial operators.

Casey Connell

Contender Gardens

Casey Connell has been growing medical cannabis for almost two decades. Connell has always placed a high premium on product research and development, concentrating on bio-controls, using and testing beneficial insects with cannabis in an effort to be pesticide free. He has helped other farmers achieve their integrated pest management (IPM) goals. In 2013, Connell founded Contender Gardens LLC, a regulated I-502 producer/processor in Spokane, Wash. Connell is also an executive board member of the cannabis farmer’s council in Washington State and speaks frequently about IPM.

Robert Eddy

CEA Consultancy

Robert Eddy has 25 years’ experience managing state-of-the-art research greenhouses, growth rooms and growth chambers at Purdue University and Dow AgroSciences. He’s specialized in developing plant growth methods that are repeatable, reportable and scalable. His e-pubs on optimizing greenhouse production of corn, rice and Arabidopsis have been downloaded more than 50,000 times around the globe. He is currently a consultant with CEA Consultancy, advising vertical farms, hydroponic growers and cannabis operations.

Rino Ferrarese

Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions

Rino Ferrarese is the Chief Operations Officer of Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions (CPS), one of four licensed medical marijuana producers in Connecticut. Ferrarese has experience as a compliance officer working in FDA regulated industries under the guidelines of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) for the production of prescription, Over-The-Counter (OTC), and homeopathic human drug products. He is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and ISO auditor.

Ferrarese also works with Elite Cannabis Enterprises developing and submitting competitive medical marijuana license applications for clients across the United States.

Omar Figueroa Esq.

Senior Partner
Law offices of Omar Figueroa

A pioneering cannabis lawyer with more than eighteen years of experience providing legal counsel and representation to members of California’s cannabis industry, Figueroa is an expert in California cannabis law. He is a graduate of Yale University and Stanford Law School, is a member of several law and cannabis industry groups, and is a Founding Lifetime Member of the National Cannabis Bar Association. Most recently, he was selected to serve as a member of Sonoma County’s Cannabis Advisory Group.

Mel Frank

Writer, Photographer, Consultant

Mel Frank has nearly five decades of cannabis cultivation experience and is an internationally recognized book author, publisher and contributor to many cannabis magazines. In 1978, he published his “Marijuana Grower’s Insider’s Guide”. His photographs have been made into posters, calendars and trading cards, and reproduced as art, and have appeared in books by Rob Clarke, Ken Morrow, Ed Rosenthal and Jorge Cervantes. He currently collaborates with a network of cannabis researchers, works as a consultant and is the senior advisor to several California-based marijuana companies.

Ben Gelt

Founding Board Member
Cannabis Certification Council

Ben Gelt is a strategic consultant and entrepreneur with a wide range of experiences including over a decade in politics, working in start-up cultures and with corporate and small business clients. Gelt has been recognized as an emerging leader in the political and business worlds, winning awards from groups like the MacArthur Foundation and appearing on all the major television networks and in publications such as The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today and Rolling Stone. Currently, he works as a founding board member with the Organic Cannabis Association, as well as offers strategic consulting on business development, executive advising, investor relations and public affairs representing public officials, major corporations, start-ups and small businesses.

Dean Guske

Guske & Company Inc.

Dean Guske, CPA has over 30 years of experience in the areas of taxation, accounting and business consulting. He has a passion for entrepreneurship and this allows him to effectively serve others pursuing their business dreams, whatever they may be. Dean serves several hundred clients in the cannabis industry and is at the forefront of developing successful tax strategies for industry entrepreneurs. He is also a frequent speaker and author on the complex tax issues facing the industry. Dean holds a Master’s degree in taxation from Golden Gate University and a Bachelor of Arts in business from the University of Washington. He is a member of the AICPA and WSCPA. Dean is a licensed CPA in the states of Washington and Oregon.

Mariah Hagstrom

The Cannabis Farm

Mariah is a third generation Cannabis cultivator. She was raised in the mountains of northern California. After finishing her masters degree in recreation, she decided that she would rather spend her time doing what she loved, growing plants.

Mariah is now the Master Gardner/founder of The Cannabis Farm. As the Master Gardner of a 40,000 sq. ft. cannabis grow she has had to create pest management programs on the fly to combat every mite, mold and now, aphid, that poses risks. She’s done this while adhering to the most stringent testing laws that are imposed on Cannabis. Led by Mariah’s vision The Cannabis Farm produces Cannabis that is raised organically and sustainable.

Todd Hill

CEO/Board Director/Entrepreneur

Todd Hill has served as CEO of four technology companies and as a member of the Board of Directors of eight companies and four industry associations. He has significant experience with public companies, VC and bootstrap financing, as well as guiding companies in rapidly changing markets. His recent direct cannabis industry experience includes: local cannabis transport permit (renewed 6/17); development of membership delivery service; equity-ready cooperative formation and development; process consulting and KPI development, ISO 9001/14000/17025 systems development specifically for cannabis industry. He also has extensive experience dealing with a multitude of regulatory and permitting authorities, and leading industry technology companies.

David Holmes


David Holmes has a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and was an award-winning adjunct mathematics professor. He was awarded a fellowship to conduct research at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. Holmes was inspired to cultivate marijuana in 1999 after a visit to a high-tech indoor garden. He launched his first large-scale commercial facility in 2007. Shortly thereafter, Clade9 was formed to meet demand for cultivation experts. Applying his expertise in grow room design and management, as well as world-class nutrients, Holmes focused on medical marijuana strain breeding. He has developed over a dozen strains including the Ying Yang, a high-CDB strain with superior seizure-reducing capacities.

Jesce Horton

Panacea Valley Gardens

Jesce Horton is the owner of Panacea Valley Gardens, a medical cannabis cultivation center, and co-founder of Panacea, an award-winning dispensary in Portland, Ore. He is also co-founder and Chairman of the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA), the first non-profit organization founded to create equal access and economic empowerment for cannabis businesses, their patients and communities most affected by the war on drugs.

Currently, he is developing Saints Cannabis, a vertically-integrated cannabis campus that will house adult-use (recreational) retail, cannabis lounge, indoor and greenhouse cultivation, processing and R&D operations on one flagship property in Portland, Ore. He sits on numerous state and city appointed committees that oversee rules and regulations shaping the Oregon cannabis industry.

Nicole Howell Neubert

Attorney at Law
Clark Neubert

Nicole Howell Neubert is a California cannabis business attorney and principal of Clark Neubert LLP. Actively engaged in the regulatory implementation of California’s medical and adult-use licensing statutes (MCRSA & AUMA), Nicole serves as Policy Committee leadership for California Growers Association, on the board of California NORML, and as one of 16 members invited to serve on State Treasurer John Chiang’s Cannabis Banking Working Group. Nicole regularly speaks on California cannabis law and teaches courses in legal business structures and regulations at Oaksterdam University.

Scott A. Hunter

General Manager
Aeriz/Wellness Group Pharms

Scott A. Hunter is currently the General Manager of Aeriz/Wellness Group Pharms in Illinois where he oversees all aspects of the companies seed-to-sale aeroponics cultivation center, the only one of its kind in Illinois, which also maintains an extensive extract/kitchen operation producing multiple extract products. Before joining Aeriz/Wellness Group Pharms, Hunter was GM of award-winning medical glass companies pH(x) and Sasquatch Glass. He followed that up by putting his manufacturing, wholesale, retail and lifelong cannabis knowledge to work helping start-ups get up and running in the Washington I-502 arena.

Nick Jack

Chief Retail Officer
Diego Pellicer-Colorado

Nicholas Jack is a professional cannabis retail sales expert and overall virtuoso on marijuana. He supervises the daily operations of Diego Pellicer-Colorado's retail store including cannabis procurement, sales, cash handling, financial reporting, inventory management, customer service, regulatory compliance, client communication and client education. Jack has a vast knowledge of cannabis strains, their effects, proper dosages and ingestion methods. Jack won 2017 Manager of the Year at the Cannabis Business Awards, and Diego Pellicer-Colorado won 2017 Dispensary Retail Store of the Year.

Phillip Jacobson

Director of Cultivation

Phillip Jacobson is responsible for running L’Eagle’s cultivation facility with the highest standards in sustainability. In addition to training and supervising department staff, he oversees the plant health program and works closely with the production team to optimize plant production and implement sustainable methods and technologies. Since 2004, Phillip has built and managed numerous commercial cultivation facilities, directing and managing grow operations including a 296-light recreational OPC grow, an 86-light medical OPC grow, and working with Dominion Extracts to increase the size of their grow three-fold.

Dr. Allison Justice

Vice President, Cultivation

Allison Justice is the V.P. of Cultivation for OutCo, a vertically integrated cannabis company in San Diego, CA. Since joining OutCo, Justice has helped reduce costs through resource-backed solutions, including by implementing a beneficial insect regime and switching to LEDs with double-stacked rolling benches. After graduating from Clemson University with a Ph.D. in Plant and Environmental Science, she developed a system to mass rear beneficial nematodes for commercial use that led her to consulting on integrated pest management nationwide.

Ryan Kinnison

Farm Manager
Los Sueños Farms

Ryan Kinnison has been the Farm Manager of Los Suenos Farms sinceits inception in 2014. This Colorado-based company is a leader in commercial-scale Recreational Marijuana Cultivation. The 36 acre facility is located near Pueblo, CO and has four licenses with a combined plant count of 36,600 plants. Ryan has overseen the construction, cultivation and expansion of the 36 acre recreational marijuana farm, which includes greenhouse and field / outdoor production.

Wendy Kornberg

Sunnabis: Humboldt's Full Sun Farms

Wendy Kornberg, CEO and founder of Sunnabis: Humboldt's Full Sun Farms, runs a family-owned and -operated sustainable cannabis farm in Southern Humboldt County. As a second-generation cultivator, Kornberg draws from genetics that have been in her family since the 70s. Her artisanal farm also houses an area for research and development, which has led to Sunnabis winning numerous awards for flowers, salves, tinctures, and bath and beauty products.

Emily Kowalski

Director of Cultivation
LeafLine Labs, LLC

Emily Kowalski is the Director of Cultivation at LeafLine Labs, LLC, one of two medical cannabis companies serving the patients of Minnesota. She utilizes her 10 years of experience in propagation, greenhouse production, and outdoor nursery production to cultivate consistent, healthy cannabis in LeafLine’s state-of-the-art indoor facility. Kowalski never settles for status quo and digs deep into data to drive quality and efficiency within her operation. She received her B.S. in Horticulture from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Rich Kwesell

Strawberry Fields

Richard Kwesell is the co-founder of Heartland Industries and Strawberry Fields along with his brother, Mike. After starting their company with three plants in a friend’s spare bedroom, the brothers are currently producing 14,000 lbs. of medical and recreational cannabis every year in Colorado.

Kwesell designed, built and currently operates a 90,000-square-foot greenhouse located in Pueblo County, Colo. He currently oversees all cultivation and production, development of internal controls, commercial grow room design, and integrated pest management (IPM) program design at Strawberry Fields. Prior to that, Kwesell worked in commercial agriculture on a greenhouse in northern Israel and became proficient in nutrient administration, IPM and high-volume plant management with quota-based production.

Andrew Lange

Black Diamond Biotech/Ascendant Management

Andrew Lange is the Founder and CEO of Ascendant Management. After attending the University of Iowa for Bioengineering, he moved to Washington where he started designing facilities for the medical cannabis market. Currently, Ascendant has over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of cultivation and processing facilities under design around the world. Ascendant specializes in designing cultivation and processing facilities that lead the industry in energy efficiency and automation. Andrew is also COO of Black Diamond Biotech, which operates a 70,000 square foot aeroponic cultivation facility in Washington State.

Jennifer Martin

Cultivation Sector Consulting

Jennifer Martin is the winner of the 1998 San Francisco Bay Area Cannabis Cup, and a pioneer in the US Cloning Industry, having supplied Harborside Health Center and Berkeley Patients Group for many years. She is one of the few cultivators with over 15 years’ experience running a legitimate cultivation business, with over 20 employees at a time under her management. She currently works as an indoor cultivation site designer on the west coast, with expertise in vertical LED flowering, commercial cultivation methods, nutrients, genetics and workflow.

Aaron Mink

The Cannabis Farm

Raised on a cattle ranch in Idaho, Aaron migrated to California nearly 15 years ago to grow medical Cannabis. After a decade of growing medically he moved to Oregon and built The Cannabis Farm and was awarded one of the first producer licenses in the state with his partner Mariah Hagstrom.

Using the skill sets he learned growing up on a self-sustaining farm and ranch, he has transitioned from growing 36 plants in a 2000 SQ. FT. garden to 7,500 plants that covers a 40,000-sq. ft. canopy. In addition to farming, Aaron has also developed the sales side of the business. He is responsible for distribution to stores, wholesalers and processors.

Claudio Miranda

Guild Enterprises

Claudio Miranda co-founded Guild Enterprises, a brand management company overseeing a vertically integrated family of cannabis brands serving the California market, in January 2015. The family of brands includes Guild Extracts, Guild Cannabis and Guild Genetics. It also operates The Guild, a seed-to-sale medical dispensary in San Jose, Calif.

Crystal Oliver

Washington's Finest Cannabis

Crystal Oliver is co-owner/founder of Washington’s Finest Cannabis, an outdoor cannabis farm licensed by the WSLCB since August 2014. She also serves as Executive Assistant for Washington NORML and sits on the Cannabis Farmers Council Executive Board. She has been an advocate for small business and family farm friendly regulations in Washington State, and has represented cannabis farmer’s interest as a member of the Washington State Building Code Council’s Cannabis Issues Technical Advisory Group, Spokane Clean Air’s Marijuana Advisory Committee, and Spokane Conservation District’s Voluntary Stewardship Program. Oliver is regarded as an expert in navigating land use issues for cannabis farming and frequently serves as a resource for officials, regulators, policy-makers, and business owners.

James Ott

CFH, Ltd.

James R. Ott has worked in nearly every position in the Ag and food research, production and processing systems over the course of his 30-plus year career in Agriculture. He has extensive experience in genetics, plant science, biotechnology, research and development, and executive management for agribusiness companies around the globe, including international executive management for Syngenta, a multi-billion-dollar Swiss agriculture and biotechnology corporation. After years of improving the production and business models of agricultural and vegetable crops, Ott chose to apply his plant science, research and business experience to develop a model for genetic trait development, production optimization and business sophistication for cannabis.

John Perricone

Co-Founder & President
Sungrown Zero

John Perricone is the co-founder and CEO of SunGrown Zero (SG0) a revolutionary cannabis cultivation company that utilizes patent protected solar capture technology to produce outdoor quality, full color spectrum cannabis with a zero carbon footprint and net zero electrical cost. SG0 is seeking to create partnerships with cultivators and growers to make a difference in the massive carbon footprint the industry currently is having on communities and countries world-wide.

Troy Prill

Financial and Operations Analyst
Strawberry Fields

Troy Prill is the financial and operations analyst for Strawberry Fields, a greenhouse cannabis cultivation business in Pueblo, Colo. He graduated from Central Michigan University with a BSBA in Finance. He worked for the state of Colorado for several years, most prominently as a budget analyst and a financial risk assessor. He currently lives in Denver with his wife, Julie. In his free time, Prill likes skiing, reading, hiking, and competing in Ironman Triathlons.

Jeffrey Raber

The Werc Shop

Dr. Jeffrey Raber, Ph.D., founded The Werc Shop in 2010 with a focus on botanical analysis, new product developments and sustainability. The Werc Shop’s first goal was addressing unmet public health and safety needs within the medical cannabis community. Dr. Raber’s detailed investigations into the chemistry of cannabis, including five peer-reviewed publications to date, provide him with a unique perspective and knowledge base useful in assisting state and local regulators in the construction and implementation of effective regulatory solutions for the safe and sustainable delivery of medical cannabis.

Scott Reach

RD Industries/Rare Dankness

Scott Reach is the founder and COO of RD Industries, parent company for Rare Dankness (one of the most well-known brands in cannabis) and the owner of a brand-new 54,000-square-foot cultivation facility/ dispensary in Denver, called House of Dankness. Rare Dankness strains are grown and traded worldwide thanks to its international seed banks. Reach also has consulted on more than 300 grows over the last five years and countless more before that. His new Denver facility is one of the most high-tech, automated cultivation sites in the world.

Yan Ren-Butcher

Director of Horticulture Science

Yan Ren-Butcher is the Director of Horticulture Science at Illumitex. A native of Shanghai, China, she earned her Ph.D. Degree in Horticultural Sciences from Texas A&M University. After graduating, she joined Philips Research Asia -Shanghai as a Plant Physiologist to work on its Horticulture LED lighting research project. In addition to managing research projects with universities, she co-published the results of multiple studies in international peer-reviewed journals. Yan has dedicated her career to helping bridge the science of lighting with horticulture.

Mojave Richmond

BioAgronomics Group Consultants

Mojave Richmond settled in the Netherlands in the early 1990s and became involved in the country’s newly emerging marijuana industry and breeding cannabis for specific therapeutic properties. Richmond developed the award-winning strain S.A.G.E., which served as a springboard for creating many notable cultivars, including Zeta. As laws began to relax in the U.S., Richmond moved back to California and began working as a cannabis farming consultant, designing custom hydro-organic cultivation facilities. He continues to breed and develop new critically acclaimed varietals that present specific therapeutic attributes without compromising agronomic viability. He currently serves as an advisory board member for a National Institute of Health cannabis study based in Los Angeles and is a founding member of the international consulting company BioAgronomics Group.

Casey Rivero

Lead Cultivation Manager
Yerba Buena

Casey Rivero is the Lead Cultivation Manager at Yerba Buena, one of the first eight cannabis businesses recreationally licensed in Oregon. Casey is the mastermind behind Yerba Buena’s cultivation facility, which has been called the most state-of-the-art in Oregon by multiple leaders in the industry, and dubbed the “Cadillac of Grows” by the OLCC. Casey has 20 years of experience in cannabis cultivation and facility design, and has experience using a variety of different grow systems.

Dr. Markus Roggen

Vice President, Extraction

Markus Roggen is organic chemist who took the plunge into the cannabis world by establishing a testing laboratory. He also built an extraction facility for large volume supercritical CO2 extraction.

Roggen is deeply interested in the molecular properties of the plant, including testing, extracting, and the transformation of active ingredients. As a strong proponent of basic research, Markus constantly tests the limits of current cannabis science and is always willing to help others with their research.

Nadia Sabeh

Dr. Greenhouse

Dr. Nadia Sabeh is founder of Dr. Greenhouse, an engineering consulting firm that specializes in the design, specification and analysis of environmental control systems. Dr. Sabeh is a licensed Mechanical Engineer in California and received her Ph.D. in Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering from the University of Arizona’s Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (CEAC).

Tom Schultz

Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions

Tom Schultz is a Wall Street lawyer and investment banker turned pharmaceutical executive. In 1996, Schultz completed an IPO-oriented merger of the last major producers of witch hazel, the EE Dickinson Company and the TN Dickinson Company. Witch hazel is a heavily used botanical product in the health, wellness, and beauty industry. He assumed leadership of Dickinson Brands Inc., the resulting firm, until 2014. By 2003, Schultz had led the buyout of the EE Dickinson interests and managed the acquisition of Humphreys Pharmacal Incorporated, a company that marketed witch hazel to Central and South American markets. Since 2013, Schultz has served as President of Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions, one of four licensed medical marijuana producers in Connecticut.

Noelle Skodzinski

Editorial Director
Cannabis Business Times/Cannabis Dispensary

Noelle Skodzinski has 20+ years’ experience in publishing. She co-founded Cannabis Business Times with previous owner Tim Hermes in 2014. She has been named among the Top 50 Most Influential Women in Cannabis. In 2012, she founded mediaShepherd–a website serving media professionals–where she served as president and editorial director. Previously, she was editorial director of the Publishing Group at North American Publishing Co., where she oversaw two national business magazines, all related digital content products, as well as the annual Publishing Business Conference, and Publishing Business Virtual Conference. Skodzinski also held posts as editor of The Crafts Report magazine, managing editor for Inside Direct Mail, senior writer for Target Marketing, among other posts.

Derek Smith

Executive Director
Resource Innovation Institute

Derek Smith is Executive Director of the Resource Innovation Institute, a non-profit whose mission is to promote and quantify energy and water conservation in the cannabis industry. He has been a leader in triple bottom line ventures in the public, private and nonprofit sectors for 15 years. Most recently, he founded and led Clean Energy Works, a nationally-recognized nonprofit organization that facilitates residential energy efficiency upgrades throughout Oregon and Washington. He has directed energy programs for the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and also created an award-winning sustainability program for a national retailer.

Matthew VanBenschoten

Beezle Brands

In 2012, Matthew VanBenschoten and partners launched TC Labs, a butane extraction company in Colorado, to capitalize on the young, nuanced concentrate marketplace. He also established Extract Outfitters with his partners to provide plug-and-play extraction laboratory solutions that are compliant with all local and OSHA regulations. VanBenschoten relocated to Northern California in 2015 and partnered with an established brand, Beezle Extracts, developing a successful SOP manual/tracking module for THC distillation and terpene removal from cannabis oil that affirmed his brands’ place as pioneers in the marketplace.

Michael Williams

Michael Williams Cultivation Co.

With more than a decade of experience in the legal cannabis industry, Michael is regularly sought-after to design some of the most successful grow facilities, from California to Rhode Island. Recognized for his expertise in creating ideal grow environments, Michael combines his plant science knowledge with refined cultivation practices to help cultivators increase quality. He has served as a consultant and master grower for numerous large, commercial grows. An active cultivator, he currently owns and operates two California collectives, and has consulted for more than 15 commercial cultivators, ranging from for independent growers to large investment firms.

Josh Wurzer

Co-Founder & President
SC Laboratories, Inc.

Josh Wurzer is Co-Founder and President of SC Laboratories, an analytical laboratory specializing in regulatory compliance and quality control testing for the Cannabis industry. With facilities in California and Oregon, SC Labs was founded in 2010 and is a market leader in servicing the Cannabis industry. He also serves on the board of directors of Envirocann, an organization that provides compliance and quality certifications for Cannabis producers and manufacturers of Cannabis products.

Josh received his Bachelors degree in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay.